Year 10 Options

Students follow a similar broad curriculum in primary and secondary schools up to the end of Year 9. At Key Stage 4 there is greater depth of study which makes it impossible to follow all subjects studied at Key Stage 3. There are also some new subjects and qualifications which become appropriate for students to study at this age. It is at this stage, therefore, that a student’s curriculum contains elements of choice. This greater choice makes planning for the future very important. It is important that the right choices are made so that students have every opportunity to do well and leave open as many of the career and educational pathways that they might wish to take as possible.
Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is made up of core elements that all students will undertake, because these are the foundations for entry into further education, university, apprenticeships and other work related learning and employment. In addition students can choose a number of options from our subject groups.
Our Year 10 options booklet explains the range of subject choices and qualifications which are available. It also informs parents and pupils about the advice and help that can be sought and the time schedule required to have everything in place in order to prepare for the next academic year.