Visitors Testimonials

Dear All

Thanks so much for allowing me to visit your amazing school today. Everyone was so welcoming and your pupils are just awesome! They were all bright and respectful without exception and they all had some really insightful idea and opinions!

I had a really great time and would love to visit again in the future. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like me back!

Please tell S1 that I wish them luck for their assembly tomorrow 

Best wishes

 Katie Chapel

North East Education and Community Officer,  Dogs Trust


Dear Team
Thank you so much for your kind words, especially as, just maybe, I have inspired even just one young person to be excited about the opportunities available within the creative industries - now that would be a huge result.
I've spent many years within schools throughout the North East shouting loudly about the opportunities readily available outside of the 'norm' job routes, especially faced with a very fast-paced incredible new digital and visual world upon us...and new tech industries actively here now in our own regional back yard. Unfortunately, local education centres continue to bypass a creative agenda within their curriculum, it frustrates me greatly.
So, I am absolutely overjoyed to hear your exciting plans for September 2020 - your students will definitely relish this new addition of media and creativity included, and I would be very much delighted, if possible, to play an active role in helping to create your media / creative programmes.
Thank you both again so much again for inviting to little 'Hogwarts' - where all the young people truly are magical.
Very best wishes
Paul Stephenson
Paul Stephenson Media
From Careers Week - February 2020
Scott, you inspired my [child] at Nunnykirk today. He was in your audience and came home and told me that you had really inspired him. My [child] found it astonishing that you told them you had Autism and then proceeded to speak to a room full of people about your achievements as an apprentice and then getting a full time job. You made him feel there was hope for himself in future after listening to you. Thank you so much for this. I hope you are on a real high after the session on Monday and this serves as a permanent record of the positive effect you have had on the students. It should be something you treasure.