Sources of Careers Help - Research Career Groups & What's Involved in a Job

Skillsometer has been designed for those who are not sure what jobs they may be interested in. Thinking about skills, interests and the ways these can link to jobs can be a helpful first step in identifying possible future jobs.
You can take the quiz, which requires you to reflect on a number statements and decide what you love, are not sure about or dislike. The statements are presented within six well established occupational categories (Artistic, Realistic, Investigative, Conventional, Enterprising, and Social), which are then ranked against jobs. Once you have completed the quiz you are given a short list of job suggestions that are most likely to be suited to your own particular skills and interests. Each job can be explored as a description is presented together with information on pay and hours. 

Here are links that can help you explore specific groups of careers.  


Animal, Agriculture & Environment

Careerpilot - Agriculture

Careerpilot - Animal Care

Careerpilot - Environment

Prospects - Environment and Agriculture

Success At School - Agriculture & Environment

Success At School - Animal Welfare

If you are interested in land and environment careers, check out these job profiles from LANTRA


Art & Design

Careerpilot - Arts & Crafts

Careerpilot - Design

Careerpilot - Fashion & Textiles

Prospects - Creative Arts & Design

Success At School - Art & Design

Success At School - Fashion & Beauty


Business & Finance

Careerpilot - Admin/HR/Legal

Careerpilot - Finance & Accounting

Careerpilot - Sales & Marketing

Prospects - Accountancy, Banking & Finance

Prospects - Business Consulting & Management

Prospects - Marketing, Advertising & PR

Prospects - Public Services & Administration

Prospects - Recruitment & HR

Prospects - Sales

Success At School - Accountancy

Success At School - Administrative & Clerical

Success At School - Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

Success At School - Banking & Finance

Success At School - Entrepreneurship

Success At School - Insurance & Pensions

Success At School - Recruitment & HR


Childcare, Education & Training

Get Into Teaching

Careerpilot - Childcare

Careerpilot - Education

Careerpilot - Training

Prospects - Teacher Training & Education

Success At School - Education & Teaching


Construction & The Built Environment

Careerpilot - Design & Planning

Careerpilot - On-site

Careerpilot - Property Management

Prospects - Property & Construction

Success At School - Construction & Property

If you are interested in construction careers, check out these blogs and career based tests to help you find the perfect construction role. 


Energy & Recycling

Careerpilot - New Energy

Careerpilot - Recycling

Careerpilot - Water/Gas/Oil etc

Prospects - Energy & Utilities

Success At School - Energy & Utilities



Careerpilot - Engineering Design

Careerpilot - Maintenance

Careerpilot - Manufacturing

Prospects - Engineering & Manufacturing

Success At School - Manufacturing Industry

If you are interested in engineering careers, check out these great video profiles of engineers at work. 


Hair, Beauty & Wellbeing

Careerpilot - Beauty & Makeup

Careerpilot - Hair

Careerpilot - Wellbeing

Success At School - Fashion & Beauty


Health & Social Care and the NHS


Careerpilot - Medical

Careerpilot - Social Care

Careerpilot - Therapy

Prospects - Charity & Voluntary Work

Prospects - Healthcare

Prospects - Science & Pharmaceuticals

Prospects - Social Care

Success At School - Charity & Not For Profit

Success At School - Medicine & Healthcare

Success At School - Social Care


Hospitality & Catering

Careerpilot - Events

Careerpilot - Food & Drink

Careerpilot - Hotels

Prospects - Hospitality & Events Management

Success At School - Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism


IT & Digital

Careerpilot - Data Network

Careerpilot - Social Media

Careerpilot - Software Systems

Prospects - Information Technology

Success At School - IT & The Internet


Law, Politics & Government

Careerpilot - Government

Careerpilot - Law

Careerpilot - Politics

Prospects - Law

Prospects - Public Services & Administration

Success At School - Law

Success At School - Public Sector & Government


Marine & Maritime

Careerpilot - Fishing

Careerpilot - Marine Careers

Careerpilot - Port Management


Media, Games & Performing Arts

Careerpilot - Games

Careerpilot - Media

Careerpilot - Performing Arts

Prospects - Creative Arts & Design

Prospects - Media & Internet

Success At School - Performing-Arts

Success At School - Publishing & Media


Retail & Customer Services

Careerpilot - Customer Services

Careerpilot - Online Distribution

Careerpilot - Retail

Prospects -  - Retail

Prospects - Sales

Success At School - Retail & Merchandising


Science & Maths

Careerpilot - Maths

Careerpilot - Science

Careerpilot - STEM

Prospects - Science & Pharmaceuticals

Success At School - Science Research

If you are interested in STEM careers, check out these profiles from all sorts of STEM ambassadors (courtesy of  STEM Learning)

You can also find out more about careers using maths at

You can find out more about jobs in the space industry at

Bring it On!: A series of 20 episodes each showcasing a different engineering company and featuring engineers talking about their role and company. Students discover how they got into engineering, what inspired them to become an engineer, and what a day in their job looks like. For students aged 9 to 14. Online. 20-minute videos. Free. BCS

Careers Inspiration: The Chartered Institute for IT has created a series of career-focused discussions on the technology industry to inspire young people. Students will hear from a range of inspiring individuals working in tech, gain insight into exciting areas of technology, and learn more about different future pathways including apprenticeships and university. For students aged 11 to 19. Online. 15-minute videos. Free.


Security & Emergency Services


Careerpilot - Armed Forces

Careerpilot - Emergency

Careerpilot - Security

Prospects - Law Enforcement & Security

Success At School - Armed Forces

Success At School - Police, Security & Emergencies


Sports, Leisure & Tourism

Careerpilot - Leisure

Careerpilot - Sports

Careerpilot - Tourism

Prospects - Leisure, Sport & Tourism

Success At School - Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism

Success At School - Sport & Fitness


Transport & Distribution

Careerpilot - Distribution

Careerpilot - Logistics

Careerpilot - Transport

Prospects - Transport & Logistics

Success At School - Transport & Logistics