School Uniform

Our Uniform List 

* Items marked with an asterisk can be purchased from school 





Grey or black school trousers



Grey or black school skirt or trousers



Pale grey embroidered polo shirt*



Burgundy sweatshirt/fleece (either or both if wanted)*



Grey embroidered ‘hoody’ (optional)*



Grey or white socks



Reversible rugby shirt*



Black tracksuit trousers (plain)



Rugby shorts – black



Black sports socks



White gym shorts



White T-shirt (plain)



White sports socks



Outdoor shoes



Rugby/football boots



Gym shoes



Trainers (running shoes)






Pencil case – pens, pencils, coloured pencils, sharpener, rubber, ruler, calculator etc.



 To help pupils identify their uniform items, or help us to be able to reunite missing articles with their owners, we would appreciate it parents / carers can clearly mark all clothes with name tapes or permanent fabric marker.

The order form for uniform items can be downloaded below.