Parental Engagement

What is ‘Parental Engagement’ and 'Parental Involvement'?
Parental engagement’ most often refers to parents’ engagement in their child’s learning at home, at school, and in the wider community. Parental engagement is supported by discussion between parents/practitioners and focuses on how families can build on what they already do to help their children’s learning and provide a supportive home learning environment. 
‘Parental involvement’ most often focuses on parents getting involved in the life and work of school. Early learning and childcare settings and schools involve parents by encouraging on-going, two-way communication between home and school. They make sure parents have opportunities to contribute to school improvement and making decisions that affect the school, and they use parents’ skills to enrich the curriculum.
We've published below our first version of our parent engagement "plan on a page" of the measures we take for engagement and involvement. We're always open to feedback to improve this.
In addition we have published out calendar of events for parental engagement to help you see how the year maps out and when you can expect things to be going on.