Our Staff

Our Staff

It is our team of staff that make this a special place to work and develop your career.

Nunnykirk School staff are all skilled practitioners, whether teaching or support staff. They bring a range of specialisms that meet our needs, each with a passion for our learners and the vision and ethos of the school.

Our academic and vocational teachers love their subjects and making learning exciting,  and the learning support staff have a a desire to enthuse, encourage and enrich the pupils and learning they support. We also seek staff who recognise the role that technology will play in the future lives of our children. As such we like our staff to be curious about all things digital, to test it, to play with it, to discover its power, and to bring it to life in the classroom and make it relevant to children's lives.

As well as their own subject knowledge, our staff bring their own talents to the wider school life. Some have a passion for drama, whilst others love the outdoors. Each contributes to our school programme outside of class time. 

Support staff are also dedicated professionals with a wide range of talents which we harness to develop the school, the buildings and the wider organisation.

We have a commitment to staff development and all of our staff participate in CPD across the year. 


Staff Vacancies
Whilst we welcome general enquiries about joining our team, all our recruitment is open to all and competitive. We publish staff vacancies below and at North East Jobs. We use other websites and publications from time to time. 
Our application pack can be downloaded below. 
If you would like any further information about any of the posts advertised, please do not hesitate to contact us. Individual contact details will appear for each position advertised.
Please note all information submitted as part of an application for a position at Nunnykirk School will be held and processed under the terms of our data protection and privacy notice available from the policies section of this site.
Current Vacancies
While we currently have no staff vacancies we look to recruit Governors.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Andy Roberts, Chair of Governors.
Declaration of Employees Salary
As per the requirements of the Department for Education as at September 2020, there are no employees of Nunnykirk School whose salary is above £100,000.