Labour Market Information

What is Labour Market Information (LMI) and why do I need to know about it?
Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about the current economic and employment situation. It includes data on average starting salaries, current trends in employment sectors and recruitment patterns. Find out more about the sector or industry you want to work in by checking LMI to answer questions such as:
Is it a thriving sector or are businesses in the sector closing because of the economic climate?
Is it a growth sector predicted to provide new jobs in the future?
Are jobs in this sector mainly located in a specific geographical location?
The answers to these questions may inform the choices you make about your future.
LMI includes reports, studies, statistics and other information about:
  • industry/ sector growth and decline
  • occupational information
  • employment rates
  • supply and demand of labour
  • future labour trends
  • wages and pay scales
You can use this information to help you:
  • identify skills that are in demand
  • check out trends in a sector
  • identify sectors where there is growth and the possibility of jobs
Don't just look at the current situation but use LMI trends to identify where the jobs may be in the future to  demonstrate to potential employers, your understanding of the environment in which they operate. Many employers comment on candidates' lack of knowledge about the sector or industry to which they are applying. As well as researching the job and the individual company, make sure you know what issues the sector is facing, who are the main organisations in the sector and what the future might hold for it. With interview questions, LMI will particularly help regarding understanding the industry and what issues it may be facing and with that tricky question about "where do you see yourself in 5 years time".

Where can I find Labour Market Information for our area?

Labour Market North East

The Labour Market Information Portal. The Portal provides, at a glance, access to local information about the population, employment, economy, industry movements, job vacancies, and the numbers of people claiming out of work benefits, enabling Advisors and Policy Makers to keep abreast of developments.

The Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham Labour Market Information Portal provides up to date labour market information for the Tyne and Wear, Durham and Northumberland areas.

Other resources

Here's a summary of our local labour market...

The Careerometer can be used to explore and compare key information about occupations to support the process of identifying potential careers.  The Careerometer widget provides access to a selection of headline data relating to pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects. The data is organised by occupation: simply type in the title of the job you are interested in and the widget provides a series of options from which you can select the most relevant to you.

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Find Your Career Tool
Northumberland County Council’s Find Your Career tool uses local labour market information to present employment trends, and salary and wage information specific to the local area.

Find Your Career can be used by schools and careers professionals as well as the public, in order to see the real employment opportunities in the area.

Find Your Career is much more detailed than the labour market information for the North East region as a whole. You can also look at information about careers and job opportunities in North Tyneside and Newcastle.

Most importantly Find Your Career will show you which occupations and employment sectors are growing, and which are declining in this area. You can also see what you’re likely to earn and compare different occupations and employment sectors.

This could help you or someone you know to make a better decision about what to do in the future.

Click here to Find Your Career


Labour Market Information Bulletins

LMI Bulletin 475

Click the link for this week’s LMI Bulletin. 

In this edition: 

  • Cumbria tourism
  • Over 50s workers
  • Labour Market Briefing
  • Apprenticeship figures
  • Electrical Careers
  • KS3 and KS4 careers resources
  • National Apprenticeship Week
LMI Bulletin 474

Click the link for this week’s LMI Bulletin. 

In this edition: 

  • Nissan commitment to the North East
  • IAMP progresses
  • Skills for Jobs
  • Tomorrow’s Engineers
  • The retail sector
  • Kickstart
  • BME employment
  • Edge Foundation bulletin – skills shortages
LMI Bulletin 473

Click the link for this week’s LMI Bulletin.

In this edition:

  • News of jobs in hospitality
  • Minimum pay
  • A report into mapping pathways for workers at risk through automation
  • DWP guidance on jobcentres
  • National Apprenticeship Week resources
  • Glassdoor’s best place to work
LMI Bulletin 472

Click the link for this week’s LMI Bulletin.

In this edition:

  • HGV Driver shortage
  • Furlough data update
  • Engaging parents in careers guidance
  • Replacement for Erasmus launched
  • The Future of Work 2021 – a guide published for National Careers Week
  • UCAS deadline
  • Supporting single parents – report from Gingerbread and Learning and Work Institute
  • Vacancy status at the end of 2020