Curriculum Intent

About our curriculum
At Nunnykirk School we aspire to enhance children’s learning by implementing a curriculum that is creative, imaginative, broad and balanced and helps them to prepare for adulthood. We promote inclusion and equality and take account of children’s different learning needs. We aim to ensure our curriculum:
  • is sequenced to enable pupils to build their knowledge and skills over time;
  • provides deep, sustained and valuable learning for all pupils, including those with SEND;
  • provides opportunities to develop levels of literacy and numeracy across all curricular areas;
  • promotes opportunities across the curriculum for the development of good student health and well being;
  • recognises the importance of digital literacy and provides opportunities for the development of digital skills;
  • provides a range of academic, technical and vocational courses which challenge, engage and motivate pupils;
  • develops cultural capital across a wide range of contexts and experiences;
  • ensures that all pupils make good progress irrespective of their starting point and those facing disadvantage are lifted from educational poverty.
In our Learning Zone pages, you can see how our curriculum is constructed. We've provided an overview map for each class group so that you can see the breadth of what a child will study across the academic year.  We have also provided a detailed map for each of our subject areas, setting out the intent, implementation and impact of each subject. The subject maps show more detail about each topic and the knowledge and skills we are aiming to build at each stage. Assessment information is also set out for each stage of the programme.